Ethical code

Special Flanges has traditionally valued and safeguarded ethical principles in its business operations, recognising “integrity”, “transparency” and “responsability” as a key elements of both its culture and actions.

Special Flanges has approved its Code of Ethics on 10th February 2022. The Code of Ethics lays out general principles and rules which the Company has determined represent the ethical standards by which all Addressees must abide.

The rules contained in the Ethics Code are based on the highest standards of behavior and transparency and are intended to give meaningful and effective protection and assurance to those in any way associated with or dealing with the Company. This assists in maintaining the Company’s standing and reputation as a business which conducts its operations in an ethical manner both at home and abroad.

All the Employees of Special Flanges, including also temporary workers, the Directors, the Statutory Auditors  have to be compliance with Code of Ethics. Special Flanges shall promote knowledge of the Code of Ethics among their People and the other Stakeholders. Special Flanges shall take into consideration any Stakeholder’s suggestion and remark, with the objective of confirming or integrating the Code of Ethics.


Documents Available on web site. Code of Ethics