Whistleblowing system

Special Flanges has adopted a Procedure for the use and management of the whistleblowing system – reporting system (also anonymously) of alleged violations of the Code of Ethics, Model 231 and/or other violations indicated within the Procedure itself.

All legal representatives, directors, executives and employees of the company Special Flanges are invited as well as all other third parties (“Stakeholders”) who interact with the company itself to report any relevant violation for the purposes of the Procedure for the use and management of the reporting system of which they become aware.

According to the Legislative Decree 24/2023, confidentiality and, if requested by the whistleblower, complete anonymity will be guaranteed for any report.

In particular, in the event of a report made by ordinary mail, it is suggested to insert the report in two closed envelopes, one envelope containing the data of the reporting person, another envelope containing the report, both to be merged into a third closed envelope which bears outside the word “confidential” for the manager of the report.

In the event of report made by the “online platform”, there is the option not to indicate own identification data (name and surname).